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Terms and Conditions

We've put together all the general conditions that apply when you visit or use this website. Access to the "Switch the Future" website is granted on the basis of these terms and conditions. If you have any further questions, you can contact us at any time.

By accessing this website, you are accepting these terms and conditions. Western Power, Synergy and Horizon Power working together as the "Future Energy Alliance" (FEA), reserve the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time at our sole discretion. You should check this section of the website from time to time to see if any of the changes affect you.

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The FEA may make changes to this website and its contents (including, without limitation, information, publications, prices, technical specifications, and product offerings) at any time and without notice.


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Alterations cannot be made to this website's contents and web pages from this website, content cannot be contained within a frame within a non-FEA website.

This website contains links to third-party websites which are not under the control of the FEA and the FEA is not responsible for the content of any linked site. If you access a third party site from this website, then you do so at your own risk. The FEA provides these links only as a convenience and the inclusion of the link does not imply that the FEA endorses or accepts any responsibility for the content of those third party sites.

Solar Comparison 

Your estimated household consumption data is based on your energy consumption from the grid, your energy exported to the grid, size of the PV system and the number of kilowatt hours of energy generated on a daily basis during summer. As an estimated generation of hours is used, your actual consumption may vary from the figure displayed. 

Savings/Cost/Wastage Calculations

The savings figures shown on this website are potential annual savings based on the Synergy Home Plan™ (A1) and the Horizon Power residential (A2) price 24.8866 cents (inc GST) (correct as at 1 July 2012) and are indicative only. Actual costs can vary greatly based on the size, star rating, age, efficiency of individual appliances and standby power. All costs and prices stated are inclusive of GST. Savings calculations on this website are provided by Synergy and Western Power unless otherwise noted. 

Indicative total savings provided in the Switch the Future Plan are calculated based on electricity consumption data provided by and manufacturer’s product specifications.

“Your usage” data provided in the Switch the Future Plan relies on users inputting their customer account number. Customer usage data provided is calculated for households by taking the average annualised consumption of the customer account based on 12 months’ billing history and comparing it to other households with a similar number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and also against the Perth median annual consumption.  As average annualised figures are used, your actual consumption history may vary from the figure displayed.

The assumptions behind the calculations provided on this website outside the Switch the Future Plan are listed below.

“Leaving your TV on standby could cost you $150p.a.” – based on the assumption that standby power for a household is 84W, with two or more small appliances left on (radio clock and modem).  Source:

“Using the AC instead of fans could cost you $200 this summer” – based on 3kW a/c system operating for 300 hours per year being exchanged for three 65W fans operating for the same amount of time.  Size of A/C is based on average size of a/c in PSC DLC trial and informed by the significant amount of a/c stock pre-MEPS in 2008.  Source:

“Using the dryer instead of the line could cost $95p.a.” – based on an average of 60 cycles per annum.  Average dryer size rated under MEPS is 250kWh for 52 cycles pa.  Assumption is a 288kWh for 60 cycles pa.  Source:

“2 people having showers longer than 4mins could cost you $170p.a.” – based on 22% of total household water is used in the shower. Assuming that by two household members reducing their showers from 8 minutes to 4 minutes with a 3,000kWh electric storage hot water system.  Source:

“Washing your clothes in hot water could cost you $160 p.a.” – based on median consumption data of a 7.5kg capacity top loader washing machine with a dual water connection (i.e. hot and cold water tap connections), used once per day with the assumption the household has an electric hot water system. Source:

“If your storage hot water system is running above 60° you could be wasting $70p.a.” – based on the assumption that reducing water temperature by 5.6° can reduce water heating energy consumption by 3% to 5%.  Hence, for a 20° reduction the energy consumption is reduced between 11% to 18%.  The calculations assume a low-range 11%.  The electric storage system is assumed to be 3,000kWh Source:

“Leaving the second fridge on is costing you more than you think, $230p.a.” – based on the median consumption data of a typical upright refrigerator sold in Australia around 2005 with a capacity greater than 450L. Source:

“Using 10 old style downlights could be costing you $150p.a.” – based on replacing 50w halogen downlights with 6W LED downlights with average use of 4 hours per light per day, 365 days per year.  Savings represented are electricity savings only and do not include the cost of purchasing new globes. Sources: